E Priorities & Triage

Tyler Close tyler@waterken.com
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 19:56:41 -0400

> 		Without this, our concurrency story is obviously
> 		incomplete, but I'd love to hear
> arguments that we can
> 		postpone it anyway.

Sure, I'll make an argument.

Nobody outside of research labs actually does concurrent
computations. Some people use multithreading to split large
programs into smaller pieces, but these pieces are typically
executed on a single processor machine. E's support for
asynchronous method dispatch similarly allows you to carve up a
program into different pieces. It's enough. I'm even having a bit
of trouble understanding what I'd use separate vats for if I've
got asynchronous methods.

In explaining the present E concurrency story, I'd focus on how
asynchronous methods allow you to interleave separate "threads"
(lines? what's the word I'm looking for?) of computation to
achieve the same effect that multithreading provides (for single
CPU machines).

I'd put persistence way above multiple vats per JVM.