Vat Location Service

Mark S. Miller
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 14:16:30 -0800

At 07:05 AM 1/13/99 , Norman Hardy wrote:
>I what I take to be the original location problem, see
><> for a suggestion I
>made a few months ago for federated Ping Mediators. It has immediate
>application to VAT locaters. It does not bear on the arcana of multi
>interface machines.

It also doesn't seem to bear on route discovery in the face of TCP/IP
remapping by firewalls.  But I suspect other ideas in DSR could be adapted
to this problem.  I'd love your thoughts on this.  The problem solved by
find.html doesn't seem to be one of the critical ones to solve short term.
The routing through firewalls problem is.

We should certainly add find.html to our long term wish list -- it's wonderful.