Attempt to run secure Echat

Mark S. Miller
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 15:13:48 -0800

[The original with the enclosure, e2.jar, seems stuck in email space.
Here's a resend of just the message text without the enclosure.  Next, I'll
try resending the enclosure.  --MarkM]

At 10:45 AM 3/14/99 , Marc Stiegler wrote:
>So, I downloaded the new E, which markm says will probably fix my old
>problem finding properties files in cryptix. I am getting the following
>error on the following line:
># problem: java.lang.RuntimeException: org.erights.e.elang.interp.ListMaker
>Markm, I'd have guessed that this was caused by ListMaker being a method you
>used to have but had replace, except that you're using a strongly typed
>language that would have caught it :-)

Nope.  ListMaker is a part of the E implementation that's now written in E.
 Doing so has only recently become possible now that E programs can be
split into multiple ".emaker" files.

So I just looked, and all the .emaker files that were supposed to be in the
E distribution's e.jar file are missing.  Until this is repaired, enclosed
is a jar of just the missing .emaker files for you to add to your
classpath.  Or, if your feeling a bit more ambitious, you can try merging
these into your e.jar file.  (But don't post the result until you renounce
your citizenship and move offshore. ;) )

>I am sorry this is not a properly formatted bug report: I haven't done a
>3-line example program for Elmer, and I haven't loaded all this stuff in my
>own debugger to see where it's dying in your code. But I send this email
>both to let you know my status, and on the off chance you know what the
>problem is off the top of your head. If the problem is not obvious, I shall
>endeavor to characterize it better...later.

Everyone, please first report fast as MarcS did in case it is an
off-the-top-of-head one, as this one was.