How Standard is "https:"?

Ben Laurie
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 10:53:56 +0000

Mark S. Miller wrote:
> We are using "https:" for our download page
> so that people will get
> it, and the downloads themselves, over what I assume to be an SSL
> connection.  However, "https:" isn't one of the URL protocol handlers built
> into java, and is therefore also currently missing from E.  How
> embarrassing -- we only support the insecure one!
> Also, various other tools seem not to recognize it.  For example, when I
> ask Dreamweaver to check for broken links in the erights site, it thinks
> the links to the download page are badly formed.  OTOH, Eudora seems happy
> with them.  So, how standard is "https:"?  What's Lynx do?

Totally standard, AFAIK.

> Btw, speaking of SSL, would someone care to recommend a good C or C++ SSL
> library for production use?  Since my question doesn't really belong on
> this list, please respond to me privately.  It's for a friend.  Thanks, and
> sorry for the spam.





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