Thoughts on droplets

Ben Laurie
Tue, 02 Nov 1999 08:45:54 +0000 wrote:
> >If 128 bits isn't big enough for any other reason, then it probably isn't
> >big enough for security.  If 128 bits is big enough to make a random
> >collision infeasible, then what other problems might it have?
> There are human and mechanical decoding efficiencies in using sparsely
> populated spaces of densely populated clusters.  This has nothing at all to
> do with security.  Think of it as wanting to prereserve a large enough pool
> of names that you'll never have to grow the pool.

URLs are variable length, so, unlike most traditional unique IDs, you
can grow the pool without pain. I don't see a need to choose a length
that is sufficient for any more than easily foreseeable demand.




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