Thoughts on droplets -- clarification
Tue, 2 Nov 1999 15:48:31 -0500

>So, since we seem to have the transformations Jonathan is asking for,
>* we have misunderstood and have a different transformation, or
>* we have some unrecognized security benefit in the actual Pluribus that
>exceeds the security of the explained Pluribus, or,
>* we are right that such transformations do not enhance security.
>It should be possible to resolve which of these three situations we are

This transformation is not described in your security page in the
description of Droplets capabilities. If I was directed to and therefore
read a page with incomplete information, my apologies, but there are 30
things on my plate today and I don't have time to browse your website.
While this is undoubtedly a failing on my part, you might wish to consider
that other people you wish to influence will have the same problem.

You may have an unrealized security if you indeed have an authenticated
transforming interconversion.  Whether you *believe* that it enhances
security is another discussion.

Whether you have such transformations is not germaine to whether such
transformations enhance security.

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