Thoughts on droplets

Ben Laurie
Wed, 03 Nov 1999 15:15:54 +0000 wrote:
> > Presumably the "proper hardware" must also be tamperproof (or some vital
> > parts of the OS must run on tamperproof hardware).
> A couple of observations on this that I think I can safely make.
> There is always a point at which one draws a line and says: from here down
> I trust.  Where that line sits depends on the needs of your application.

Hmmph. So all you are saying, in reality, is that you want to draw the
line in a slightly different place from other people. Yes, you can make
it more expensive to subvert the system. That is not rocket science.
Making it _impossible_ would be, but you are now saying you can't do
that. I'm relieved and disappointed. Relieved because my universe has
stopped shaking, disappointed because I thought you were saying
something interesting and perhaps even useful.




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