Thoughts on droplets -- users vs. programs

Ben Laurie
Wed, 03 Nov 1999 18:21:59 +0000

Tyler Close wrote:
> The user can run linux/*BSD and use Droplet(TM)
> applications from Navigator. All of this software is open
> source, so the user can construct a secure endpoint from
> scratch. Whether this secure endpoint remains secure is
> probably an open question. *nix is not EROS.

Not. Navigator is not open source. If you mean Mozilla, well, good luck
to you! I've never got it to run (at least, not since the first

OTOH, I imagine it wouldn't be that hard to make it run in pure Java.

> I haven't seen anyone on this list ever even hint that
> Windows is a secure operating system. With Droplets(TM) and
> E, we are simply moving forward in the hopes that there
> will one day be a secure operating system.





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