A stab at the sealer in E

Marc Stiegler marcs@skyhunter.com
Wed, 3 Nov 1999 20:47:53 -0700

As far as brand/seal and box/envelope, I agree envelope is better. Most of
my names were a little funny just to avoid having it appear as if I were
using the built-in primitives. I'm indifferent on brand/seal; certainly,
sealSystemMaker is wrong for a "primitive" (no longer built in :-).

The convention is currently "new", not "make". Markm and I had long
discussions about that a long time ago, and I persuaded him to use "new"
because it will supply another moment of comfort for the java programmer
just learning E. So I am indeed the guy to blame :-)


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> On Wed, 3 Nov 1999, Marc Stiegler wrote:
> > Well, since it looks like this sealer might actually be useful, here is
> > cleaned up version that to the best of my knowledge fully implements the
> > kernel BrandMaker semantics.
> Cool.
> Can we try to get the terminology straightened out though?
> Is it Brand or BrandMaker or sealSystemMaker?  SealedBox, Box, or
> Envelope?
> I think i'll vote for either SealMaker or BrandMaker, and Envelope.
> Is the constructor method conventionally to be called "make" or
> "new"?
> I think i'll vote for "make", since it's a verb.
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