Netscape's use of SSL

Paul Snively
Sun, 07 Nov 1999 11:19:12 -0800

Norm Hardy wrote:

> It is tedious to check the cert on each URL reference (about 10 sec when
> you rember exactly how). Commonly the "name on the cert" is the domain name
> from the URL. I have seen exceptions. The danger for not checking is DNS
> spoofing that directs  the URL reference to a site with a cert, but not the
> one you planned to visit. The bogus site learms the swiss nmber and the jig is

Versions of BIND 8.2 or later provide facilities that make such
man-in-the-middle attacks considerably less likely. Anyone who is serious
about SSL/TLS security should take measures to ensure that Secure DNS is in
operation on at least one server involved in the resolution chain.

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