Linux, IRIX, and "POSIX Capabilities"

Mark S. Miller
Tue, 09 Nov 1999 08:25:54 -0800

I wrote:
> > Perhaps some of the people doing this would agree.
> > If Casey thought it was a major security effort,
> > I doubt he would have said "hey, we need some
> > security guys".  This means they know that they are
> > not security guys.  This is cause for much hope.

At 07:50 AM 11/9/99 , wrote:
>I can't help but read into this thread an incredible tone of arrogance.  If
>it's not there, then forgive me,  ... To abuse Justice Brandeis: "Security must not only be done, it
>must be seen to be done."

The arrogance was truly there, the apology is mine, and thanks for pointing this out.  Geez, I hate finding out that I'm the one violating the high standards I wish to see maintained on this list.  The only thing worse is not finding out.  The abused Justice's point is well taken.