ecash & patents (MarkM's title, not Lucky's)

Lucky Green
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 18:12:17 -0800

Hal wrote:

 >There is some work going on to use this as the basis for a patent
free cash system >(, although I suspect that
the issue will eventually have to >be tested in court. 

[Feel free to forward this to the list].

Nobody conten[d]s, nor could they, that Wagner blinding infringes on
existing blind signature patents. There is being cautious and being
paranoid. Shying away from Wagner blinding falls into the latter
category. Ben Laurie, a list member, wrote an implementation of Wagner
blinding available via CVS. Ben can give you the details.

Also, please remember that the blind signature patent holders not once
issued a credible threat to take legal action against a third-party
blind signature implementation. Sure, DigiCash under David Chaum
frequently hinted that they own the space and would vigorously go
after perceived patent infringers, but the truth is that not a single
implementer has ever received a cease-and-desist letter from a
DigiCash attorney. So by all means, I would just ship it.

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