ecash & patents (MarkM's title, not Lucky's)

Ben Laurie
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 12:47:53 +0000

"Lucky Green (by way of Mark S. Miller )" wrote:
> Hal wrote:
>  >There is some work going on to use this as the basis for a patent
> free cash system >(, although I suspect that
> the issue will eventually have to >be tested in court.
> [Feel free to forward this to the list].
> Nobody conten[d]s, nor could they, that Wagner blinding infringes on
> existing blind signature patents. There is being cautious and being
> paranoid. Shying away from Wagner blinding falls into the latter
> category. Ben Laurie, a list member, wrote an implementation of Wagner
> blinding available via CVS. Ben can give you the details.

It's called Lucre. If you look here: and
follow the links to iBLab, then use the same instructions, only with the
CVS repository

We are about to add a page for Lucre, which we've been somewhat remiss




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