Notes and capabilities
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 16:49:15 -0600

I want to amend my position on this issue.  Regarding
Notes-ids-as-capabilities, I originally wrote, "But, is it part of a swiss
number/capabilities scheme? I don't think so (perhaps, though, you could
make it so?) "

Well, I thinking out loud in that memo, and that thinking led to a very
interesting expirement with Domino.  As a result, I'm now gladly offering
you a "credential" to a Notes document:

I should be sending this to you encrypted in PGP, and further admonishing
you to never distribute this credential to anyone.  However, as I know that
Mr. MajorDomo Archive is a recipient to this message, and he is by nature a
very promiscious fellow, you are hereby free to distribute this credential
far and wide.  If I detect any abuse, I can easily revoke the credential.

your thoughts will be welcome,


p.s., in a future email, I'll be sending you a credential that'll allow you
to edit a document, thus demonstrating the ability to distribute separate
capabilities on the same document.