Lucre now available in Java

Ben Laurie
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 20:03:02 +0000

Lucre is now available in Java. See
for how to get it.

Points to note are:

  * Interoperable with the C++ version (in theory, I haven't tested it
    that hard).

  * No docco yet (yes, I have heard of javadoc, and I'll get around to

  * No extras required! Just plain old Java!

  * I'm no Java guru - suggestions as to how to do it in a more
    standard or cunning way are more than welcome.

  * I haven't stuck a licence on every file yet. Read the LICENCE file.

  * The web page doesn't mention the Java version yet, but it is in CVS.

Feedback welcome. If people want extra bits or help to integrate into
other things, just shout.

For those who've been asleep, Lucre is an implementation of David
Wagner's Diffie-Hellman variant on Chaumian blinding. People have
opined that this variant is not covered by patents. Consult your own
legal advice before using.




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