Communicating Conspirators
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 18:39:07 -0600

Chip wrote, "...I could also, of course, reveal my secret to them, though
in practice I can imagine things being
arranged so that I have a substantial incentive not to do this (I can also
imagine I might be running on top of a TCB which, perhaps with clever
did not actually permit me to reveal my secret because I wouldn't actually
it myself)."

MarkM, where you at GMU when that visiting archeologist presented a talk
about the "Origins of Writing"?  Or, are others aware of this
finding/theory?  It's a fascinating story of the use of tokens for
inventory or sales accounting; apparently for security reasons, such tokens
were eventually placed in secure envelopes, but eventually for identity's
(credential's?) sake, they were first stamped on the outside of the wet
clay envelopes, hence inspiring "writing".  This was done several thousand

I've always wanted a more modern version of that "clever hardware" for
carrying credentials/capabilities/whatever.

just a naive thought,