Ian Grigg iang@systemics.com
Sun, 21 Nov 1999 17:14:07 -0800

Post-Lenny report on Anguilla.  Summary - no danger
to conference, but the island has taken a big hit.

The InterIsland is fine, some knocked-down trees,
they took a lot of water, and they've got some
cleaning to do, but otherwise, no damage.

Stuff in decreasing order of relevance to the conference.

Air is now back in service, with several Liats
and Eagles having come in.  St Martin was closed
except for military traffic as of yesterday.  SMX
has a serious problem with heavy rain as the runway
gets flooded.  This time St Martin got 25-30 inches
of rain...

No sign of ferries yet.

Mariners has had problems.  There was nothing
to photograph, but the report is:  All the cliff
side appartments will have to be closed, as many
have taken mudslides.  In some, the mud is up to
the roof, and it is filled with the accumulated
garbage of decades of throwing over the cliff.

The cabins - on the flat - are fine, with little
damage, but the walkways are covered in mud, and
there is a huge amount of cleaning to do.  It wasn't
clear what would happen next, keep an eye on this if
there are lots of FC people booked in there.

Bankies' Dune and the Pumphouse are both down and
out for the count.  There are photos here:


I was in the Pumphouse this morning, the whole
place is covered in black mud, and the foundations
are broken on one corner.  I don't know what Laurie
and Gabbie intend to do, but it's one hell of a mess,
with a channel both sides of it.  They'll need
engineering work at the minimum on those foundations.

The Dune is just a shambles.

Cuisinart has had it's beach eroded, see the photos.
I guess they'll open regardless, but they are not in
a particularly comfortable position.

I forgot to check the Great House.  For the valley,
see these photos:


Ashleys remains flooded, but the water is receeding.
Power went back on in the valley last night, in some
places at least, so we should be all back on power
within weeks, rather than months.

If anyone needs somewhere checking out, let me know,
and I'll try and pop in during the next week.