Draft Documentation for the 0.8.5 Object-Pluribus Protocol

Mark S. Miller markm@caplet.com
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 22:57:45 -0700

At 10:28 PM 10/22/99 , Mark S. Miller wrote:

>http://www.erights.org/elib/object-pluribus/OP_DELIVER_ONLY.html as an 
>explanation for one of the Operations.  On Windows, try reading this latter 
>page in IE or Opera, as the special effect works out better than Netscape.  
>It seems the first two double buffer a link-following transition, whereas 
>Netscape doesn't.  It makes a big difference for this special effect.

HotJava 3.0 flickers some, but the effect still works much better than on Netscape.