Kaffe 1.0b5

Mark S. Miller markm@caplet.com
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 16:42:17 -0700

 >MarkM wrote: 
 >> Kaffe is GPLed, which I thought would be a fatal problem using it with
 >> Mozilla covered code, such as E. However, in light of your note, I've just
 >> read "The Kaffe License FAQ" http://www.kaffe.org/FAQ.html , and the
 >> situation looks better but complicated.
 >I don't understand. Why do we care about the license for the Java platform E 
 >runs on? If that's a problem, how do we justify running on Sun's, IBM's, or 
 >any proprietary Java platform? 

There are some ways in which GPL is more restrictive than the normal proprietary license.  This is one of them.  As I normally understand it, you can't link Mozilla code & GPL code together to create inter-callability within an address space.  The issue is somewhat messy, since GPL seems purposely vague on what the unit of contagion is.  Also, regarding Kaffe, the above FAQ implies that it may be even less of a problem here, but I didn't find this text clear either.

By contrast, Mozilla and normal proprietary code can be linked together just fine.  The result isn't "open" or "free", so erights won't distribute such a package, but others are free to.  If it wasn't for the above FAQ, I would have said that others are not free to distribute E packaged with Kaffe.

 >>... Unfortunately, the Cygnus Java is not far enough along for
 >> them to test it.
 >I'm not interested in Java compilers generating native code anyway. 

Why not?  I am.