gnu.bytecode & gnu.expr License

Paul Snively
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 14:17:05 -0700

Hi folks!

> At 10:59 AM 10/23/99 , Paul Snively wrote:
>  >>E is currently under the Mozilla license and the
>  >>maintainers are adamant about not changing that.
> It isn't that we're adamant, it's that we have no choice.,
> where E was originally developed, and where I worked on it (back when it
> was Electric Communities), own the copyright.  The open sourced it under
> Mozilla & I left to continue working on it with their blessings.

I have to apologize for the poor choice of words on my part: obviously
there's a great deal of history here that I was not involved in.

> I must moderate Paul's enthusiasm here.  "very safe bet" goes way too far.
> At such a time as we have an apparently working draft release of E with a
> compiler built on these packages, and generating code that we're happy
> with, then it's a safe bet.  Until then, I always expect rude surprises.
> After all, you obviously didn't write these packages to compile E, so we
> can't be sure we'll succeed until we have succeeded.

I appreciate Mark's moderate response to me badly sticking my foot in my
mouth. It's true that I'm assuming a lot, not least due to gnu.expr's coming
from a Scheme implementation, and since E is so heavily lambda calculus
inspired, I did indeed allow myself to get carried away by an assumed

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