Build Problems Resolved

Mark S. Miller
Sun, 05 Sep 1999 12:05:43 -0700

At 08:38 AM 9/5/99 , Paul Snively wrote:
>Sure thing. On the Kawa page, "gnu.bytecode" is a link that goes to 
>JavaDoc docs for the package. Near the top of that page is a link to a 
>"Description" of the package. If you click that link, you'll get a nice 
>description page, near the bottom of which is a link to the "License" 
>(actually, a file named "COPYING") which is, of course, the GNU General 
>Public License version 2.

It's what I was afraid of.  This is fatal.  The GPL is link-incompatible 
with Mozilla.  I do not own the copyright on E, does, so I 
am powerless to fix this problem at my end.  Does anyone on this list know 
Per Bothner?  If so, would you ask whether gnu.bytecode might be switched 
to LGPL?

>By the way, you may wish to look at Kawa's gnu.expr as well as 
>gnu.bytecode--it handles expressions and blocks and the like, and does 
>some optimizations on them before using gnu.bytecode to emit the code. 
>Could save E some work!

Also covered by GPL, sorry.

Fortunately, the GNU-Java-regex package you pointed me at is covered by 
LGPL, which is link-compatible with Mozilla.