Draft FC'00 Paper, please rip to shreads (or at least comment)

Dan Moniz dnm@neith.net
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 17:32:02 -0400 (EDT)

Mark S. Miller writes:
 > http://www.erights.org/elib/capability/ode/index.html is a draft of a paper
 > I'm writing for Financial Cryptography '00 http://www.fc00.cs.uwm.edu/ .
 > The deadline for the paper has mercifully been extended till October 7th,
 > meaning that it's now possible for me to have this paper ready on time.  I
 > need feedback!  I only have about half the paper posted there right now, and
 > will send out notices as I post the remaining sections.  Please comment
 > either with crit, by email, or by phone.  Sorry about this, but if you want
 > to respond by phone, please email me either with your phone number, or to
 > request mine.
 > Anyone who makes enough useful suggestions will we included as a co-author
 > if they wish.

Hi Mark!

I'd like to take an in-depth look at the paper and I've been reveiwing
the content at the URL you cited. Is the an ASCII plaintext copy of 
what you have so far could be made available?

Also, some of you on the list may remember me having some NT
issues. I've since moved off of NT as my main development platform
(well, I had anyways, but I was trying E in NT first), but I've modified 
the stock Setup.bat file in the Win32 distribution to better support

Now, I was never able to get the PIF files to work, however, elmer.bat
and e.bat worked fine. So, this modified Setup.bat may not be of much
use since all it does is install shortcuts to the e and elmer PIFs in
the Start menu, but I thought it would be nice to have it around 


REM Set the echo variable to "on" for debugging or for your own comfort. 
@echo off 
REM batch file to install the E binary distribution 
REM NT specific batch file 
REM Dan Moniz <dnm@neith.net> 
REM September 16th, 1999 
REM At the moment, assumes we've been unpacked into c:\erights.org 
set EHOME=C:\erights.org 
set BATDIR=%EHOME%\bin\win32 
set menu=%SystemRoot%\Profiles\%Username%\Start Menu\Programs\erights.org 

REM Note that if you're installing stuff, %Username% is usually 
REM Administrator, but not always.
if not exist "%menu%" mkdir "%menu%" 
copy "%BATDIR%\e.pif" "%menu%\e.pif" 
copy "%BATDIR%\elmer.pif" "%menu%\elmer.pif" 
copy "%BATDIR%\e.bat" %SystemRoot%\system32\e.bat 


Note that I composed this email in FreeBSD under XEmacs, so if you're on 
NT, you'll have to copy and paste this into a .txt file, convert it to
DOS (CR/LF) .txt format, and then use it.

I have a project in mind that I breifly mention in my resume,
http://neith.net/dnm_resume.txt, (BTW, I am job hunting, if anyone has
something they think I may be interested in) that invloves E. I'll be
writing a preliminary writeup as soon as I prove the concept and
methodology I have in mind and then you'll all be the first to have a
look. More info will be available at http://neith.net/ after it makes
it's move to a new server and has udnergone my much delayed site update.


                                         dnm [Dan Moniz] <dnm@neith.net>
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