Yet Another Security Groaner

Paul Snively
Mon, 17 Jan 2000 15:33:20 -0800


Well, the situation isn't QUITE as dire as it may have seemed: 

Basically, they admit it can't be 100% foolproof, but essentially ask those 
of us who can crack it to help them improve it.

Not quite sure how I feel about that, especially given Wes Felter's 
observation that "it's trivial for the 2% who can crack it to make it 
available to the other 98%."


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At 09:23 AM 1/17/00 , Paul Snively wrote:
>People still just don't get it... see 

Well, some don't get it, but I'd guess some have simply decided to lie.  A
lot of this work derives from Mark Stefik's earlier work on electronic
"rights" management for content such as books.  Stefik (my old boss at 
has always been scrupulously honest about the limitations of what such
technologies can do.  In particular, I've seen him repeatedly quoted on the 
inability of software-only "solutions" to offer any meaningful impediment 

In everything else I've read, I've never seen any other advocate of these
technologies make a similar admission.  Since Stefik's work was their 
point, one has to wonder whether this might be something worse than the
usual cluelessness.