Choice of build system

Paul Snively
Wed, 07 Jun 2000 08:51:32 -0700

on 6/5/00 1:30 PM, Bill Frantz at wrote:

> I agree.  I think building on MacOS X will be straight forward, and it is
> coming quickly enough so no further effort for MacOS 9 is needed.

Having been a professional Macintosh developer since 1985 and been at Apple
when we finally made the transition from System 6.x to 7.0, I can assure you
that it's not quite that simple. Getting a new OS shipped is indeed a major
accomplishment. Getting it widely adopted by whatever portion of the
developer and user community is ever going to adopt it is an entirely
different matter. Once MacOS X ships, it's perfectly reasonable to expect
that it will take a minimum of a year, and more likely two, before it
achieves any reasonable kind of market penetration. Even then there will be
enclaves of users sticking to their MacOS 8/9 installations, and remember,
there are millions of machines out there that won't run MacOS X in the first

So it's far from clear to me that no further effort for MacOS 9 is needed.
Quite the contrary, since I cannot build E today, it seems to me that quite
a bit more effort for MacOS 9 is needed!