Marc Stiegler
Mon, 8 May 2000 11:48:08 -0700

Over the weekend I tried the IBM JVM version 1.3 Preview for Linux with E.
There is a big caveat below, but basically, this jvm works with E. I
consider this to be important for 2 reasons:

--this is the first jvm other than straight Sun JDK ports that we have seen
work with E for any recent version of E; we lost compatibility with the MS
jvm almost 2 years ago.

--Based on the discussion of the jvm at the IBM site, it looks like this jvm
is 4x faster than the Inprise jit, which is itself 75% faster than the basic
Sun JDK. Using a long train of inferences from benchmarks I collected over
the years, I believe this jit may run faster than the fastest of the
fine-tuned Smalltalks ever ran.

Caveats: the window management in this preview release has given a couple of
people in the IBM conference trouble. My problems seem to be unique to me;
for a lot of people the windows just seem to work fine. So the odds are
that, if you try using this jvm with E on Linux, it will just work fine for
you too. For me personally, however, when using both E and straight Java
programs, when I bring up a menu, the KDE window manager crashes out
totally, so that all the windows on my desktop lose their frames, and the
windows can no longer be dragged or resized or closed.

I  would be most interested in the results if other people tried it. My
tests have been fairly minimal, since it is hard run any of my real E
programs usefully without popping menus (and I have not tried the comm stuff
either, BTW, because of problems configuring cryptix libraries to run with
the IBM jvm. However, all the jvms that have historically failed to work
with E have failed long before we ever got to the comm system).