Quasi-Literals & XML

Ben Laurie ben@algroup.co.uk
Thu, 11 May 2000 00:06:27 +0100

It may (or may not) be worth mentioning that SAX is rather more in
favour than DOM, these days. And there's also those JDOM (or was it
JSAX?) guys.



"Mark S. Miller" wrote:
> Well, after my "Subversive Innovation" message, you can't say I didn't warn
> you.
> For those who can stand it,
> http://www.erights.org/elang/grammar/quasi-xml.html is my draft proposal for
> how to make E play with XML.  This proposal would have E use DOM trees as
> its "universal" parse-tree data structure, in much the same way Lisp uses
> S-Expressions or Prolog uses term trees.  The other two choices are
> technically superior, but XML/DOM trees seem adequate.
> Or, as we use to ask at Agorics when evaluating the latest standards epidemic,
>          "Yes it's brain-damaged.  But is it fatally brain-damaged?"
> I think the answer for XML is no, so we should adopt it as our S-Expression
> "equivalent".  My core strategy is "pick your battles".  Fighting XML isn't
> one of them.
> Please let me know what you think.
>          Cheers,
>          --MarkM