Tyler Close
Sun, 14 May 2000 12:00:59 -0400

Ben Laurie wrote:
> I'm investigating how we go about registering httpy:. The
> namespace is
> controlled by IANA, as I suspected, but I'm finding out
> precisely what
> we have to do. I suspect the answer is getting an RFC
> approved, which is
> going to be non-trivial.

Thanks Ben.

Just glancing through RFC1738. Section 4 "Registration of new schemes"
gives the impression that a spec + the Mozilla patch would be enough
content to get the scheme name. It will be interesting to find out
what hoops you have to push that content through.

RFC1738 also defines the "Common Internet Scheme Syntax". It's:


If this is a DNS scheme, then an SLS scheme might be:


So a contact entry in an SLS server is (scheme, DNS hostname, IP
address, port). An SLS query sends in (public-key-hash, scheme) and
gets back a list of (DNS hostname, IP address, port) sorted by
increasing ping time. All entries in the list are for the requested
public key and scheme.

This means an HTTPY URL turns into an SLS query for HTTP schemes,
HTTPSY turns into an SLS query for HTTPS schemes, NNTPY turns into an
SLS query for NNTP schemes, etc...


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