Java 1.3

Bill Frantz
Wed, 24 May 2000 10:12:22 -0700

At 08:56 AM 5/24/00 -0700, Marc Stiegler wrote:
>I just got email notification that Sun has officially shipped java 1.3. It
>includes a client hotspot jvm, and they claim a 40% decrease in startup time
>and a 25% decrease in RAM footprint, both of which are very attractive.
>If I try to run this, will I run into the same problem with the cryptix
>libraries that I ran into with the IBM jvm?
>Meanwhile, markm, it would seem that putting off till tomorrow what you
>could do today sometimes pays off. I believe that java 1.3 will supercede
>1.2 with much greater speed than 1.2 is supplanting 1.1 (the big holdup was
>the browsers, neither netscape nor microsoft have yet made their browsers
>move to 1.2, presumably the new plugin architectures will make 1.3 as
>straightforward an upgrade as 1.2). Consequently, I think you should
>implement deflectors for 1.3, and forget 1.2, since for 1.3 it is trivial.

The postings on the Cryptix list do not indicate any problems with 1.3.
However, you can tell the pioneers by the arrows in their backs.

Cheers - Bill