[E-Lang] Hash Chaining & Capabilities, Proposal #2c: On-line Remote Evaluation

Mark S. Miller markm@caplet.com
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 13:52:34 -0700

Sorry for teasing, but I realized that there was one other major chunk to 
explain before I could tie this thread together into a proposal for Off-Line 
Active Invocation Certificates (as inspired by Nikita's Active 
(Authorization) Certificates).  

The previous message (#2b) proposes Off-Line Invocation Certificates as an 
off-line derivative of on-line invocation. The addition of "Active" means 
the certificate additionally carries mobile code, as a more flexible 
replacement of the SPKI subsetting language.  Following our methodology, 
support for off-line mobile code should be derived from support for on-line 
mobile code.  While E was always designed for mobile code, we're not there 
yet, so the ideas weren't in concrete form.

This has now been repaired.  
http://www.erights.org/javadoc/org/erights/e/elang/evm/Evaluator.html is my 
proposal for a remote evaluation service, and syntactic sugar to support it.
Fire away.  If this proposal survives the initial volley, the off-line 
proposal will be built on it.