[E-Lang] Immutable map operations

zooko@zooko.com zooko@zooko.com
Sun, 01 Apr 2001 14:07:20 -0700

 Bill wrote:
> >	map <<= (key, value)
> >	map >>= (key, value)
> >	str += 'a'
> >	str <<= 'a'
> >	str |= [ 'a' ]
> ARRRGH!  I think for readability, just building a Perl module for
> distributed capabilities may be the best choice.

Heh heh heh.  :-)

> I admit there is a tension in a command language, between allowing it to
> become write-only to get terseness, but in a general purpose programming
> language clarity to the reader should be primary.

Yeah all of these offend my eyes and I secretly hope that I can convince
everyone whose code I have to read to abjure them.



P.S.  I'm convinced there is a neurological difference between people who like
Perl and people who like Python.  All of the suggested syntaxes above cause my
Perl-hating synapses to fire wildly.  Note that I, Ppooko, don't even
understand what these are supposed to be accomplishing (something about
appending or inserting elements?  Like `.append()' and `.insert()' do in
Python?), but I don't care.  I just wanted to mention that the very shapes of
those tokens cause my pupils to spasm.