[E-Lang] CapC: making C programs safe and turning filenames into capabilities

Wes Felter wesley@felter.org
Mon, 31 Dec 2001 16:18:34 -0600

on 12/31/01 9:03 AM, Mark Seaborn at mrs35@cam.ac.uk wrote:

> Hello all,
> Back in September I e-mailed this list about a scheme I had been
> working on for translating C programs into a memory-safe language.
> Since then I've been implementing this, writing a C compiler which I'm
> calling `CapC' (as it implements C using capabilities).  It's now at a
> point where it will run a demonstration program.

It would be interesting to compare CapC to MSR's Vault.


The goals appear to be different, but similar enough that the comparison
might be useful.

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