[E-Lang] Proxies in an ACL system

David Wagner daw@mozart.cs.berkeley.edu
2 Feb 2001 00:13:15 GMT

Ka-Ping Yee  wrote:
>On 1 Feb 2001, David Wagner wrote:
>> One way to provide this level of functionality, in either a capability
>> system or an ACL system, is to use "proxies".  We write a daemon that
>> will run in the background; when it receives a request, it will forward
>> that request to Bob and then self-destruct.
>This sounds plausible only until you ask how Bob knows that he is
>supposed to obey requests forwarded by the daemon!  Now the daemon
>needs an identity and the entity passing it to Carol has to add the
>daemon's identity to Bob's ACL.

No.  The daemon runs under Alice's identity (assuming the right to
access the object was given to Carol from Alice).