black-box re-use? (was: Re: [E-Lang] MintMaker with ACLs)

David Wagner
2 Feb 2001 01:05:23 GMT

Marc Stiegler wrote:
>In fact, though there is considerable code required to completely wrap
>AWT/Swing while granting users all the functionality of these packages in a
>capability-secure fashion, I now have an architecture and plan that does
>this complete wrapping, in addition to a small proof-of-concept emaker
>package that securely wraps the whole system (though it does not yet let
>through all the functionality, i.e., the security is complete, but the
>functionality is not yet).
>I believe that anyone who looks at AWT/Swing through a capability lens will
>conclude that this is a pretty impressive demonstration of the power of
>capability architecture to refactor delegated powers without rewriting
>existing code.

Could you help me understand why this is attributed to use of
capabilities?  From your description, it sounds like this might
be explained as the power of interposition (and adding a level of
indirection) -- but you have been diving in the guts of AWT/Swing,
and I haven't, so I suspect I'm missing something.