[E-Lang] Summary for Practical Programming

zooko@mad-scientist.com zooko@mad-scientist.com
Fri, 02 Feb 2001 09:49:35 -0800

 MarcS wrote:
> Does everyone indeed agree with Tyler's proposed statements of agreement
> here? It would pleasantly surprise me if they did. Again, a quick "no" is
> sufficient for my immediate purpose.

I'm gratified that you solicit my opinion, but for the record, my
silence does not signal assent.

I certainly don't agree that capabilities are sufficient for forming a
first line of defense, nor that they are theoretically sound.  I would
require (at least) about 12 months of experience to agree with the
former and some deeper theoretical reading to agree with the latter.

If it helps, I *do* think that the capability security model is a
powerful and elegant intellectual tool, and my intuition is that it
will mesh well with the natural inclincations of some programmers (like
myself), thus forming a powerful "tool/programmer" symbiosis.

Probably you should continue with your laudable project of summarizing
common grounds without including me.


Zooko, Journeyman Hacker