[E-Lang] MintMaker failing in E 0.8.9

Mark S. Miller markm@caplet.com
Mon, 05 Feb 2001 15:51:35 -0800

At 03:20 PM Monday 2/5/01, hal@finney.org wrote:
>I downloaded the Linux binary for E 0.8.9, but the MintMaker example from
>is not working for me.  I get the output below.  Looks like maybe
>a problem with the guard on the balance parameter to makePurse?
>Apologies if this is a known bug.

This is actually a documentation bug.  As I change the language, I try to 
update the important pages on the website to continue to mostly reflect the 
latest version of the language.  What I should do is have it reflect the 
latest stable release of the language, which is indeed 0.8.9, and then save 
up other such changes until the next stable release, but that's a hard bit 
of version control.

You just hit one of the few non-upwards compatible changes since 0.8.9.  In 
0.8.9, try "(_ >= 0)".  Once you upgrade to the next stable release, be 
prepared to change it back.  Please let me know whether that works.