[E-Lang] Quantum computing and capabilities

Chris Hibbert hibbert@netcom.com
Tue, 06 Feb 2001 21:25:38 -0700

Ralph Hartley wrote:
> The quantum protocol requires pre
> distribution of the qbits, but only to within easy reach of the parties.
> You don't need to know in advance who on alpha centuari you want to
> communicate with.

I'll repeat what I said before to emphasize it: I think Ralph explained
how this is justified theoretically, and on the basis of the recent
experiments demonstrating storage of photons and their entangled
properties.  BUT, I don't see any reason to expect that this could ever
be turned into a practical and secure system.  

Such a system (not needing to know who will eventually observe the
photons) would require a third party storing the photons long-term, and
enough trust to believe that that party hadn't found a way to exploit
their privileged access.  

It's hard to believe they wouldn't be acting in cooperation with whoever
delivers bits over the same long distances.  They'd have lots of incentive.