[E-Lang] Irreversible delegation, was: draft statement of consensus

Ralph Hartley hartley@aic.nrl.navy.mil
Fri, 09 Feb 2001 09:11:04 -0500

Marc Stiegler wrote:

> Since this discussion seems to be taking multiple turns, I will, unless a
> miracle occurs, invoke the procedure I spelled out several days ago, and
> remove item 2 from the Statement of Consensus which I will be formally
> publishing tomorrow. Any resolution on this discussion can be included in a
> future Statement.
> Uh, the definition of a "miracle" would, I think, be that Alan and Hal both
> send me email saying to include item 2 without change. This assumes no one
> else jumps into the fray or requests that I remove item 2, in which case
> item 2 remains toast :-)

Without the caveat of item 2, I don't think I can agree to item 3 as 

The phrase

"architecturally sound" could be then be construed to include "complete".

Ralph Hartley