[E-Lang] Many curlies on a line (was Syntax change: reducing side-effects)

Dean Tribble tribble@e-dean.com
Sun, 11 Feb 2001 22:55:15 -0800

At 03:38 PM 2/11/2001, Marc Stiegler wrote:
>On a completely different tangent from the point you were making, are you
>proposing this multiple-closure on-a-line style for E? As in
>}   }   }   }   }
>My first reaction was shock, my second was, this really does have some
>charms, notably being able to see more actual code on the page, and in fact

Well, I am a big fan of more code per page, and fewer wasted lines.  I've 
used that style consistently in Scheme (and seen others use it) and it 
works pretty very well.  It has the problem that the leftmost curly 
actually closes the innermost nesting, but the visual effect is 
sufficiently nice that it's worth the maintenance (like when you remove a 
nesting level or some such.

I don't consider it sufficiently important or principled to advocate it, 
however.  Since it is purely stylistic, try it and see whether you like it 
(unless others raise a hue and cry against it :-)

You were supposed to say how delighted you were with the improved syntax 
suggestion :-)