[E-Lang] New Page: Partially Ordered Message Delivery

Karp, Alan alan_karp@hp.com
Mon, 12 Feb 2001 09:51:17 -0800

Thanks, MarkM, I did find the remark interesting.  If you're interested in
implementing something like this, I can dredge up, or more easily
reconstruct, the protocol developed by David Stephenson of HP that handles
multihop introductions.  In these, Alice grants some privileges to Bob; Bob
grants a subset to Carol; Carol grants a subset to David.  The protocol
arranges for David to be introduced to Alice and end up with the same set of
privileges he would have had without the introduction.

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> Alan, you may be especially interested in the aside:
> >The current Pluribus protocol therefore uses swiss numbers 
> wastefully. We 
> >should probably eventually switch to the unimplemented 
> E-Speak2.2  3-Vat 
> >introduction scheme, and use swiss numbers only for SturdyRefs.
> Zooko, you may be especially interested in the last section 
> relating partial 
> order and grant matching.  It needs much more work...
>         Cheers,
>         --MarkM
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