[E-Lang] New Page: Partially Ordered Message Delivery

Marc Stiegler marcs@skyhunter.com
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 11:05:44 -0700

> If this behaviour is not rescued, then it begs the question of whether
> there should be any order guarantees at all on sends. Are we sure that
> we need them? Does the chaining of the return value from one
> invocation into a parameter to a later invocation provide us with
> enough control over the order of execution? I think so. I'd be
> interested to hear from MarcS. Dropping order guarantees on sends

I need to think about this. Meanwhile, I'm getting ready to leave for the
P2P conference, where I am presenting "Governance in Coercionless
Societies", so it may be a few days before I respond.