[E-Lang] Syntax change: reducing side-effects

Bill Frantz frantz@pwpconsult.com
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 10:28:32 -0800

At 1:38 AM -0800 2/12/01, Mark S. Miller wrote:
>At 09:29 PM Sunday 2/11/01, Bill Frantz wrote:
>>I can think of a few kludges to deal with the edit/compile/test cycle.  Is
>>there an elegant solution?
>See my response to Hal.  Is it elegant?

Well, at first blush, I would say treating the outer scope level
differently from the inner ones is not the most elegant of solutions.  :-)

But on further thought, it is already being treated differently.  The inner
scopes are the stored program.  They can be recalled and executed again and
again.  On the other hand, the outer scope is the stream-of-conscience
program, which is not stored.  Once it has been executed, the only way to
execute it again is to enter (cut/paste) it again.  Perhaps there is some
way of unifying these two special treatments.

Cheers - Bill

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