[E-Lang] Combining strong authentication and secrecy protocols.

Norman Hardy norm@cap-lore.com
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 17:48:36 -0800

At 3:59 PM -0800 2/19/01, zooko@mad-scientist.com wrote:

>And a very stimulating discussion of related techniques...

Thanks for the pointers. I have skimmed one or two. The bear further reading.
I will include the pointers in my page if you don't mind.

>P.S.  I haven't read about CBCC yet, so I don't know how much overlap
>there is here.

Now I can't find the web page with the little info that I have on 
CBCC. Evidently it is
in a Xerox report that is out of print. I reconstructed the idea from 
something as simple as "do a simple checksum before enciphering.".
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