[E-Lang] The Granovetter Diagram in Russian, and more...

Mark S. Miller markm@caplet.com
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 19:46:28 -0800

See http://www.computerra.ru/offline/2000/350/2681/ .

Anyone know how to translate?

Excerpts from Babelfish's attempt:

>However, all this it is necessary to create. " on the fingers/pins " it is possible to erect one protocol, another, the third, but to
>  place their " production " on the flow (realizing the dokumentarnyy digital of treyding [ 1 ] or injecting in the mass order "
>  smart- contracts " [ 2 ], for example) it will not succeed without the serious theoretical base. 
>  Any attempt at the motion in this direction is interesting. Most that moved from the attempts known to me to create lecture
>  for the record of kriptoprotokolov appears the project of language E. 
>  To what this it is similar? [...]
>  E pretends, obviously, to large < greyek>l < / greek>- orthodoxy, than
>  LISP, if we judge by that ascending to l - calculation/enumeration the as
>  such line Of zhoule-Achtors, isolated with bright color. 
>  Achtors - this is experimental expansion l - calculation/enumeration, created
>  in MIT and Stanford at the beginning of the ninetieth for the experiments
>  with the " aktornoy " model collective calculations. Actors - these are
>  samodostatochnye participants in the calculations, who interact by means of the asynchronous exchange of
>  communications/reports, moreover a quantity and the topology of interaction of actors in the system can dynamically change 
>   with 3, 4 ]. 
>  The aktornaya model of calculations, as such, found development in the language Zhoule, developed into Agorichs, Inch. In
>  the addition to the aktornoy model Zhoule " caught/tacked " the idea of the sequential realization of mandate architecture in
>  OS Of keyKOS (more known in Russia on its x86- clone with the remarkable name YEROS)   [ 3 ]. In contrast to Achtors
>  Zhoule is oriented to practical application with the retention/maintaining of a strict verifiability of the model of safety [ 5 ]. 
>  Zhoule, in turn, became model for E [ 6 ]. E combines the formalisms: 
>  - the objective- oriented programming (abstraction and composition); 
>  - the models of safety (, first of all, mandate) of contemporary operating systems (control of the authorities of processes); 
>  - financial cryptography (description of the cooperative protocols of the transfer of the rights between the not entrusting to
>  each other sides). 
>  Diagrams Of granovettera 
>  It is interesting that the developers take base metaphor entirely from another region: in the
>  beginning of the seventieth American sociologist Mark Granovetter (Mark Granovetter)
>  proposed to investigate the dynamics of the topology of interpersonal relations with the aid
>  of the simple model, which now is called the diagram Of granovettera. Fig. 2 depicts the
>  diagram Of granovettera, which fixes the simple fact: Anya acquaints I fight with the
>  faith/belief.