[E-Lang] get, set, and dot

zooko@mad-scientist.com zooko@mad-scientist.com
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 07:44:58 -0800

 Tyler wrote:

> If you want to distinguish a function from a constructor, then I
> suggest using a capital for the first letter of a constructor and a
> lower-case for the first letter of a function.

My previous objection was about the style of argument ("This isn't
class-based.  Get used to it."), not about your actual proposal.  In
fact, inasmuch as I understand it, I approve of your proposal to use
the functions for both functions and object-makers, and distinguish by
capitalization.  This is in fact exactly what Python does (almost), and
it is, as I mentioned, a gigantic success in terms of bringing
Java-trained O-O programmers and more knowledgeable language hackers
together to play in the same sandbox.