[E-Lang] get, set, and dot

zooko@mad-scientist.com zooko@mad-scientist.com
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 17:58:24 -0800

> MarcS wrote:
> > def myThing := thingMaker
> > #versus
> > def myThing := newThing
> If, as I suggest, E also got rid of the "optional ()" sugar, then this
> problem would go away. It would then be obvious that neither of these
> expressions could possibly be calling a method.

You mean those statements above could be _invoking_ the methods
`thingMaker' and `newThing', respectively!?  Ack!

They look very much to me like simply assigning the name `myThing' to
refer to the same thing (function) that `thingMaker' refers to.

How would I do that, then?


Petulant Python Programmer