[E-Lang] Bug Report

Marc Stiegler marcs@skyhunter.com
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 19:49:26 -0700

Well, I am very excited, since I have a couple of programs that would really
benefit from being able to use multiple vats on a jvm. The reason no one is
using it is we (I, anyway) assumed it didn't work :-)


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Subject: [E-Lang] Bug Report

> ELib's Runner.callNow(..) and Runner.now(..)
> (http://www.erights.org/javadoc/org/erights/e/elib/prim/Runner.html)
> are not defined in a way that works correctly with multiple vats in a
> single JVM.  They both execute a delivery synchronously in a thread
> external to a vat, but logically within the recipient Runner.  The
> problem is that E.send(..) figures out which Runner it's in by using
> Thread.currentThread(), which gives the invoker's thread rather than
> the Runner's thread.
> We're about to fix it on a working copy of 0.8.9, so it should be
> fixed in the next E release.  Since no E language users are currently
> using multiple vats per JVM, this bug should be fixed before any E
> language users encounter it.  But ELib programmers should beware.
>     --MarkM with Chris Hibbert & Dean Tribble
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