[E-Lang] vouching version 3

Marc Stiegler marcs@skyhunter.com
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 19:50:28 -0700

In my earlier email about vouching tools, I pointed out 2 design
characteristics that were independently variable, and said I'd do a third
version that combined the characteristics in a fashion I thought better than
the 2 examples I presented. I have cleaned up the code a bit (eschewing the
1-method shortcut for inspector vouch).

It will have to be modified to run with the new var/def distinction when the
var/def distinction is married to an E that has comm, but it is listed


#vouching system #3 based on synchronous private comm
#returns a private notary that offers a public inspector
#throws problem if the object being vouched is not vouchable
def notaryMaker new :any {
    def unvouchedException(obj) {throw("Object not vouchable: " + obj)}
    def vouchableObject := null
    def inspector {
         to vouch(obj) :any {
             vouchableObject := null
             try {
                 obj startVouch
                  if (vouchableObject == null) {
                  } else {vouchableObject}
             } catch err {unvouchedException(obj)}
    def notary {
        to startVouch(obj) { vouchableObject := obj}
        to getInspector :any {inspector}

#maker3 that offers vouching
def barMakerMaker new :any {
    def notary := notaryMaker new
    def barMaker {
        to new :any {
            def bar {
                to run {println("I am a vouchable bar")}
                to startVouch {notary startVouch(bar)}
        to getInspector :any {notary getInspector}

#testing the third vouching system
def myBarMaker := barMakerMaker new
def myBar := myBarMaker new
myBarMaker getInspector vouch(myBar) run
def fake3 {}
try {
    myBarMaker getInspector vouch(fake3) run
    println("notary3 vouched falsely")
} catch err {println("notary3 spotted fake3")}