[E-Lang] Re: [EROS-Arch] Liquid software requirements. (fwd)

Steven J. Owens puff@localhost.darksleep.com
Tue, 2 Jan 2001 01:40:20 -0500 (EST)

Hi folks,

> "Mark S. Miller" wrote:
>> At 10:18 AM Monday 1/1/01, Ben Laurie wrote:
>>>> For performance, what need is there other than to support PK
>>>> operations?  Don't you agree that special purpose hardware is
>>>> inappropriate for single key operations
>>>I don't understand why.
>> Same reason.  By the time one builds any real system, the time spent on
>> single key operations can barely be found on the profile.  (Assuming a
>> decent implementation of a well chosen single key system.)

Ben replied:
> Hmm. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but HTTPS servers spend a significant
> fraction of their time on key operations.

     Just thought I'd chime in that these days there are, in fact,
special servers that just do SSL key processing.  They're generally
used on very large web server farms used by business-to-business
ecommerce companies.  They act sort of like a firewall, handling the
SSL overhead and hiding the entire SSL operation from the webservers.

     A bit pricey, but when you're talking about a setup that costs
several million dollars to put together (a half dozen or more Sun
E250s at about $50K each for the front tier, a handful of Sun E10Ks at
about $150K apiece for the middle tier, etc) it starts to make sense.

Steven J. Owens