[E-Lang] Hash Chaining & Capabilities, Proposal #2d: Deputizing Remote Vats

Bill Frantz frantz@communities.com
Tue, 02 Jan 2001 11:36:35 -0800

At 09:02 AM 1/2/01 -0800, Karp, Alan wrote:
>A bearer certificate has two properties.  Anyone holding it can use it, and
>the system has no way of tracking who might be holding it.  E-espeak Beta
>2.2 keys had the first property, but not the second; e-speak Beta 3.0 SPKI
>capabilities have the second property but not the first.

It seems to me that if you want a un-trackable SPKI certificate usable by
anyone who holds it, all you have to do is include the private key
associated with the certificate with the certificate.  Obviously in this
mode of operation, you want to generate a new key pair for each
certificate, making DSA a bit more attractive than RSA.

Without blinding, the generator of the certificate can remember who
received the certificate, and associates uses of the certificate with that
entity.  Given the very general nature of certificates, having a different
authorization for each certificate provides the same level of tracking,
even with a blinded signature.