[E-Lang] Announcing stl-E 0.8.9k: An interim non-distributed release

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> Alan Karp wrote:
> > Does that mean you can make a Java class access the file 
> system by passing
> > it a bad argument even if there's no file access code in the class?
> It depends on whether you mean file access code per se or 
> merely code which
> ultimately leads to file access. For example, one of the Java 
> security problems
> that the Princeton folks found was a case in which font names 
> where ultimately
> used in the construction of filenames (in order to obtain a 
> font's descriptive
> data).  By correctly providing a suitably mangled font name, 
> a user could trick
> the font code into accessing all kinds of files that it 
> shouldn't have (a
> classic Confused Deputy bug).
> A piece of GUI code might not realize it is refering to a 
> file when it hands
> around a string that it believes is merely a font name. 
> Somebody inspecting
> that code for file accesses might not realize it either.

No, I was talking about the class itself accessing the file system.  Any
such transitivity attack should be caught in the class that has file access
code, not the class merely forwarding a parameter to it.  Remember, the goal
is to reduce the number of classes that have to be examined by hand.  If
100% coverage of the GUI code never hits the security manager, I contend
that you don't have to manually look at it for any of the accesses that must
go through the security manager.

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